Ultra Ever Dry Singapore – Available Now

Ultra Ever Dry Singapore is a superhydrophobic coating that will repel almost all liquid giving birth to solutions like corrosion resistance, water-proofing, self-cleaning and increasing the life of products. Click Here to Order Now.

It is the latest outcome of the most advanced technology that might amaze you as much as relieve you of worries. If you thought no matter what you did you couldn’t avoid staining, soiling, and dirtying your car, your gloves, your shoes, and endless other things, technology has found a solution to your worries.

In fact it is the ultimate solution for try as much as you want you will find it impossible to stain anything coated with ultra ever dry. Why stain? Show me a speck or a needle point mark on anything coated with ultra ever dry and I will pull down my review. That’s my promise.

Here’s why ultra ever dry coating resists liquid stain. It is actually water and hydrocarbons coating enabled by nanotechnology. This technology creates a barrier of air over the coat, so nothing especially liquid in any form actually touches the coated surface. The result is whatever has been coated with ultra ever dry remains in their pristine state for months, just as mercury droplets do not allow anything to stick to their surface.


Ultra Ever Dry Singapore

The benefits of using ultra ever dry Singapore can be counted to 10, 15 or 100s depending on how far your imagination can take you. With its vastly improved resistance against abrasion and adhesion over previous technologies, it can be used in hundreds of applications that need more durability.

The air barrier over the coat repels anything as said before. So, whether it’s wet concrete, refined oil or plain water or any other form of liquid, it won’t touch the coated surface. But it’s not just anti-wetting, it also prevents contamination, icing and corrosion.

Superhydrophobic coating doesn’t allow corrosion by preventing contact with water and moisture. It keeps the material dry and doesn’t let ice form over the surface coated. Dirt, mud and dust may contain bacteria but they can never touch the surface of the protected object. So, you remain protected.

The object therefore remains clean and free of bacteria. The life of objects such as gloves, nuts, bolts, metal objects, wooden objects and almost any other object are reduced due to decay caused by exposure to dirt, water and dust can be vastly extended by using this product.

How to use the product

You simply need to coat any object of your choice and just for fun dip the object in the dirtiest liquid. You will be amazed by the result. The product in its standard form is translucent white, but other custom colors are also available. Completely transparent formula is not available as of now.

ultra Ever Dry Singapore trigger hand SprayersEach gallon of ultra ever dry will service approximately 250 Square Foot area. You require both Top and Bottom coats for application using any sprayer of your choice – air or pump sprayers. Ultra Ever Dry Singapore Pump SprayersIt may take about fifteen minutes to half an hour for the coat to set, but the time can be reduced if heat is applied using any equipment of your choice from oven to heat gun.


With so many benefits and absolutely no disadvantages no one can resist the temptation to use the product. Moreover, the coating is set to last anywhere from 2 to 8 months when exposed to direct sunlight or for at least a year or more when used indoors which is a sufficiently long duration for safe, clean and pollution free life along with the peace of mind before the next coat may be needed.